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  • I lost my manual, what shall I do?

    Don’t worry, please write an email to us and we will send you the manual of your wanted model.

  • The water flow through my water timer gets smaller, any suggestion to fix it?

    Please rule out that the pipe or hose is not blocked with dirty stuff, then check if the filter in the water timer is clogged. Clean it if there is any residue inside. It’s strongly recommended to use clean water only.

  • Hello, I set my program, it seems all ok, but nothing comes out of the controller, it does not work, please help.

    If you are sure that battery is sufficient, then please make sure the Frequency you pick is bigger than the Run Time, that is to say, if you make the Run Time (watering time) at 90 min, then your Frequency must be bigger than 90 min.

  • Why my water timer screen does not show any text?

    Please check if battery is running out, when battery is low, the battery indicator will flash quickly, then it’s time to replace with quality new battery, and make sure battery is well contacted.

  • What’s the max water pressure of your nozzle, item # YL23103?

    Our nozzle is well tested before delivery, at 1 to 8 bar (14.5 to 116 psi), which is 35% higher quality than regular plastic nozzle in the market.

  • Is the quality of your expandable hose good?

    We are fully aware that this expandable hose must be made in good quality material to ensure durability, so you can feel our high quality level when you hold it in hand, that our hose is in better quality.

  • What’s the coverage of your oscillating sprinkler, #20062?

    The watering coverage is 8.5*7.2m at 2 bar water pressure, and 14.2*10.3m at 4 bar, the working angle is 28 to 138 degrees.

  • Your product looks very good, how can I buy it?

    You can check our cooperative online store, at http://www.aliexpress.com/store/1182691